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Fatburger in Midtown Forced to Close Yet Again

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The Woodward Avenue location has struggled since opening in 2013.

Chris and Michelle Gerard

The midtown Fatburger certainly hasn't had an easy run since opening at the end of 2013. The fast-food burger spot was forced to shutter temporarily in mid-May after a sign on the door revealed the franchise owner owed their landlord $17,000.

Now, an Eater tipster sends word that Fatburger is closed again, with a sign on the door indicating that the franchisee now owes a much larger sum of money. (A call to the restaurant, which is typically open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, went unanswered.) The store will reportedly be taken over by a new local franchisee.

The people of Detroit have yet to embrace the California-based chain, which has 150 locations as far-flung as Pakistan. Local Yelp reviewers certainly don't seem too fond of it, with many complaining of prices that are much too high for a simple burger-and-fries meal. A previous Southfield location of Fatburger shuttered back in 2011.


4501 Woodward Ave Ste 3, Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 832-0999 Visit Website

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