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Yardbird Makes the Right Meaty Moves for Critic

Chicken, pork, and brisket.


A visit to Keego Harbor's Yardbird Smoked Meats is similar to sauntering into a Texas barbecue, according to Metro Times writer Aaron Egan. There's all the makings of a regular ol' smoky hoedown, like "reclaimed barnwood," Mason jars, and Shiner Bock. But, as with any good barbecue place, the meat is what matters:

The chicken is so tender that utensils are only necessary for propriety's sake (see: brown paper towels), and rosy pink, a marker of the smoke's effects. Dry rubbed or sauced in red, it's incredible, and the yellow "Old Yeller" mustard sauce is a great complement as well. Pulled pork shoulder is redolent of smoke and fat, succulent and glistening on the tray. It simply drinks up whatever sauce you pour on it, and is a delight. Brisket runs on the dry side, Texas-style, and is also well-matched with the sauces to hand — and delightful they are.

The critic concludes that Yardbird has the "right stuff" and is worth the visit.


1978 Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320 (248) 681-2124 Visit Website