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What’s Going on at Melt?

Is this Cass Corridor gelato shop temporarily closed or permanently shuttered?

Brenna Houck

Gelato and espresso shop Melt, is looking a bit empty these days. Responding to a tip that the café might be permanently closed, Eater made a call to earlier this week only to reach an answering machine. Thus far, the message hasn't been returned. Inspections of the company's social media were equally unsatisfying. Melt hasn't updated their Facebook page since early January. One customer's February 6 message inquiring about new store hours also remains unanswered a week later.

So far, no notes have been posted to the windows and peeking through the glass into the Cass Corridor shop it looks like Melt is still ready for business despite mostly empty display cases. So, is the shop simply on a winter hiatus (It's been known to happen) or is it closed for good? Stay tuned.

Have information regarding Melt's status? Send us a note at the tipline.


4160 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

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