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Eater Detroit's Top Posts of 2015

Take a look back at the last 12 months.

Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles.
Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles.
Michelle and Chris Gerard
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

As 2015 comes to a close, take a look back at some of the best posts of the year. There were openings galore, plus some famous food people swinging through town, and some unfortunate dining scandals. Did you have a favorite dining moment this year? Send a note through the tipline and let us know.


Michigan's Very First Cat Cafe is Open in Ferndale

Cat cafe mania finally arrived in Michigan this year with the opening of Ferndale's feline-friendly Catfe Lounge. While not a true coffee shop (it's more like a shelter with a wifi connection that serves snacks by donation), it's definitely a one-stop shop for a dose of adorable.

Image credit: Brenna Houck


Feast Your Eyes on Kuzzo's Menu Ahead of Tuesday's Opening

Former NFL player Ron Bartell's brought a fun, approachable brunch staples to the Avenue of Fashion last winter with Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles. The place remains a hot spot nearly a year after its official debut. Check out the full menu.

Image credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard Photography


Inside Townhouse, a Greenhouse-Style Whiskey Temple in Downtown Detroit

Whiskey? Burgers? A show-stopping outdoor patio design? Townhouse Detroit had all the makings of a big gala opening when it flung wide its doors in July. In this unusually large gallery by Chris and Michelle Gerard, the photographers succeeded in captivating the sheer massiveness and grandeur of the downtown restaurant. Take a look inside.

Image credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard


Mario Batali Ate His Way Through Detroit This Weekend

Mario Batali, champion of the Michigan's northern reachesvisited Detroit this fall and everybody freaked out. The chef managed to hit up several of the Motor City's hip new spots and major players including Roast, Eastern Market, Our/Detroit, and Gold Cash Gold during his visit. He even painted a dot at the Heidelberg Project. All, of course, was documented thoroughly on Instagram.

Image credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images


The Bridge Breathes New Life Into Islandview Restaurant Space

The well-loved Sunday Dinner Company space sat vacant for nearly a year before The Bridge owner's Alicia Strong and Zamarr Woods decided to put the building back into commission. While it's received some mixed reviews, the steady interest in this new dining spot shows how neighborhoods beyond downtown are equally hungry for fresh dining experiences.

Image credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard


Detroit BBQ Company Owner Makes Yet Another Social Media Gaffe

Tim Idzikowski's humble brag on Facebook and a bizarre admission that he cooked veggie burgers in pork fat lead to yet another meaty controversy in September. Idzikowski insisted he was simply joking and a witness confirmed the veggie burgers were microwaved, but it didn't help Detroit BBQ Company's reputation. The owner said he would do away with his Facebook account following the incident. It still remains active.

Image credit: Facebook/Detroit BBQ Company


Prohibition-Inspired Restaurant The Whiskey Six Opens Today in Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe was apparently thirsty for booze. The Whiskey Six restaurant opened just over a week ago, but quickly became one of the top opening posts of the year. Check out the full menu.

Image credit: Courtesy of The Whiskey Six


Woodpile BBQ Moving Into Shuttered A&W Shack in Clawson

When major players join forces to bring barbecue and ice cream under one roof people take note. In March, friends Scott Moloney of Treat Dreams, Zac Idzikowski, and Steve "Bubba" Coddington teamed up to bring a barbecue and ice cream stand to Clawson. Woodpile BBQ Shack faced several delays, but finally opened this month.

Image credit: Facebook


Terrible McDonald’s Employee Throws Drink At Homeless Man

Every once in awhile, a cringe-worthy piece of news crosses our radar. This was one of those times. A worker at a local McDonald's was caught on video playing a cruel prank on a homeless man. The perpetrator was eventually fired, while the individual who allegedly filmed the incident made amends by handing out Gucci bags to the area's homeless.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Behold Mabel Gray, An Intimate Dining Retreat in Hazel Park

Chef James Rigato's sequel to White Lake restaurant The Root landed in Hazel Park in September. While the building started out modestly as a Coney island, the Ron & Roman design and murals by Greg Oberle transformed the space into a destination eatery just north of Detroit. Tour Mabel Gray now.

Image credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard