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Huron Room 'Has Ambitions'; 'Epicurean Journey' at Vertical Detroit

What the critics are saying this week.

Vertical Detroit
Vertical Detroit
Michelle and Chris Gerard

Fish and chips joint Huron Room gets a visit from critic Molly Abraham this week. She finds the recently-opened dining room "... cleverly done and cliché-free ..." Abraham orders the house special, fish and chips, and declares the plate is worth the $17 price tag because the "fish is fresh, not frozen and expertly prepared with a crunchy-but-light batter made with local beer and accompanied by thin, crisp fries and fresh lemon." Her only negative criticism is that the bar of Michigan-made liquor, beer and wine is "a little limited."

Critic Serena Maria Daniels stops into wine bar/restaurant Vertical Detroit to assess Harmonie Park's newest space. By the second paragraph, Daniels declares the establishment, "perhaps the most innovative new establishment to hit the scene." The rest of the review follows that glowing remark: servers are "seasoned veterans," the charcuterie and cheese board is a "winner," and steaks are "perfectly red and juicy." Daniels leaves "already fully intoxicated by this unique addition to downtown."

Vertical Detroit

1538 Centre Street, Detroit, MI

The Huron Room

2547 Bagley Street, Detroit, MI Visit Website