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La Dulce ‘Excites the Senses’; Bootleggers Delivers ‘Connoisseur Level’ Whiskey List

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La Dulce.
La Dulce.
Michelle and Chris Gerard
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Serena Maria Daniels makes the tapas rounds at La Dulce: "Growth comes in baby steps. Which is why when something new pops on the landscape amid menus of New American, it's worth celebrating," the critic writes. La Dulce is "one of the more exciting dining experiences we've had in the area this year." Daniels urges diners to venture "outside of your comfort zone" and try the croquetas de choco. "You'll be treated to a rich, earthy ball of silky, jet-black filling wrapped inside a breadcrumb coating and served inside a dainty fryer basket, with an even daintier mason jar of béchamel. While the taste hints of sea salt, there's nothing overtly fishy." The critic also recommends the Iberico ham ("salted skin ever so slightly crackles in your mouth, giving off a harmony of crunch and smooth") and the beignets stuffed with apple filling. [Metro Times]

Molly Abraham pays a first visit to Bootleggers Pig & Whiskey: Jai-Lee Dearing's latest venture debuted about six weeks ago on the same block as Rockefeller's Oyster Bar in Grosse Pointe Park. The menu draws on Dearing's childhood at Bert's Marketplace with burnt ends, pulled pork, smoked sausages and ribs, according to the critic. "Bootleggers offers a number of sharable dishes, from deep-fried dill pickles and smoked chicken wings to pulled pork nachos," though items like the rib sampler and Lucky Luciano combo are a "good value" when split with a group. As for the sauce, Abraham describes it as "nicely balanced middle-of-the-road sauce, not sweet, not spicy." Although "the menu could stand trimming" and has a few "out of left field" options, the whiskey list is "connoisseur level stuff." Bootlegger's receives two and a half stars. [Detroit News]

La Dulce

2 Washington Blvd, Detr, MI 48226

Bootleggers Pig & Whiskey Bar

15412 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230 (313) 429-1010