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Selden Standard Inspires Envy and Four More Stars

And more reviews from around town.

Selden Standard.
Selden Standard.
Michelle and Chris Gerard
Serena Maria Daniels finds hibachi entertainment at O'Samurai: The Taylor restaurant "is decidedly more approachable to the modern family" than a Benihana. The critic finds the grill-cooked seafood "quite flavorful, but in our opinion a bit well done for our taste. If you're in the mood for fish, we suggest springing for the sushi." She also recommends the steak. "It comes out with the right amount of juiciness and blends in seamlessly with the other courses. The serving sizes are huge and are better split between two or three people."

Molly Abraham does brunch at Selden Standard: "If the word brunch evokes thoughts of lavish spreads on groaning buffet tables, think again. That's not Selden Standard style," Abraham writes. "Brunch here is a la carte, ordered from the menu, a simple one-page list of dishes with each one a specialty, from the two salads, arugula and pear with lemon vinaigrette and roasted beets with house-made ricotta, to the pastrami hash with poached egg." The owners think of Selden as "a neighborhood restaurant" and "there are a lot of neighborhoods that would love to have its style and substance in theirs." Selden receives four more brunchy stars.


23471 Eureka Rd, Taylor, MI 48180 (734) 287-8868

Selden Standard

3921 2nd Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 438-5055 Visit Website

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