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Thief Gets Stuck in Pizza Oven Vent During Attempted Burglary

He was wedged in the pipe for more than 11 hours.

Mike Flippo/Shutterstock

On Sunday authorities in Clarkston arrested a thief on charges of breaking and entering at the Cracker Barrel Party and Pizza Store. According to the WDIV, police arrived on the scene after receiving a reports of an individual screaming for help and discovered the man wedged inside the shop's pizza oven vent. The burglar apparently removed the vent cap, climbed into the pipe, and subsequently got trapped inside. The Oakland County Sheriff's Department estimates he was stuck there for more than 11 hours.

MLive reports that two teams of fire fighters were able to extricate him safely. He was then arrested and taken to the hospital where he was treated for dehydration and minor injuries. The man is a parolee with three prior convictions for breaking and entering and home invasion. Prosecutors are reviewing the case. With any luck there will be a slice of pizza waiting for him in jail.

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