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Cocktail Week 2015: The Boozy Recap

Here's everything you missed during Cocktail Week.

Yani Frye at The Sugar House.
Yani Frye at The Sugar House.
Michelle and Chris Gerard

Another theme week has come and gone. We spent last week obsessing over cocktails in a variety of ways, including maps, interviews, photo, and a few recipes.

Want to get caught up? You may want to start with a map of essential cocktail bars by neighborhood or with the affordable craft cocktail map (drinks for $8 or less!); impress your friends with your mixology skills using this Selden Standard recipe or find out where you can go share a drink as a group. Finally, don't forget to take a peek at the late-night eating guide to find out which restaurants are open after last call.

Or read it all. Here's the full archive:




Other Features, Interviews, and Exclusives


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