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Detroit Chefs and Bartenders Spill Their Go-To Hangover Cures

Remedies and advice for avoiding and beating your Cocktail Week hangover.


Sometimes no matter what precautions we take — downing glasses of water, eating a greasy Coneys, leaving that last half of your pint to the beer gods — you still awaken the next morning with that head-splitting, stomach-summersaulting hangover. Swearing off booze is the only true way to avoid this vexing side effect of excessive drinking. But what's life without a little risk? Everyone has their own rituals for nursing this bodily purgatory, from downing handfuls of ibuprofen to a hair of the dog bloody mary brunch.

In honor of Cocktail Week, we asked bar and restaurant industry experts what remedies they use to beat the morning after blues. From Mountain Dew guzzlers to breakfast sandwich consumers here are six hangover antidotes from chefs and bartenders across Detroit.

Rudy Leon, Selden Standard

"I just start drinking some more booze. There's really not much more you can do than that. Depending on how bad the hangover is, I'll start drinking right away. I just came back from New Orleans where I went to Tales of the Cocktail. Where the two drinks that helped me out a lot was a Pimm's Cup. Nice, light in alcohol. Very good. A mimosa is a classic little hangover cure and Ramos gin Fizz."

Yani Frye, The Sugar House

"A healthy dose of Angostura aromatic bitters shaken not stirred to help get back to feeling 'AngoGreat'"


"I'm getting a bit older these days, so the repercussions of a less than virtuous evening are a little more shocking than they used to be.  If I can't stay in bed for a few extra hours, my method is taking an Excedrin and slamming the largest, coldest thing of Mountain Dew that I can stomach and just try and barrel into whatever I can do to engage in the day. Of course, I was raised in a trailer park, so this prescription is nothing more than standard wisdom handed down through the generations.  Also, if desperate, a prompt return to drinking seldom fails."

Beaux Kerin, The Sugar House

"One egg, one ounce gin, tabasco, salt and pepper to taste... Build neat in small rocks glass, Shoot, followed by a bottle of sake...and lots of water."

Dave Kwiatkowski, The Sugar House

"Cheladas and BELTS (bacon, egg, lettuce tomato bagel) at Honest John's."


"The best way is prevention. Drink a non-alcoholic beverage between drinks. Know what you are drinking and rotate from strong drinks to weak drinks. And know the difference between drinks. The old college adage is kind of true "beer before liquor, sicker" as carbonation does increase your body absorption of alcohol. Unfortunately as a chef I have always just chalked it up to you reap what you sow. And that being said, just admit to having a hangover and suck it up. Live your next day, and don't call off work cause you couldn't handle last night."


"I go all in with a Fernet Zombie."

Looking for a special hangover recipe? Check out Our/Detroit's "Detox Retox" cocktail.

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