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Corktown's Batch Brewing Approaches Final Inspections

Take a look at Batch Brewing's evolution on Porter Street.

Batch Brewing.
Batch Brewing.
Brenna Houck

After many setbacks, it was still a small disappointment to see Batch Brewing miss that mid-January opening date. However, Eater stopped by the Detroit's nano brewery today to take a look at how things are shaping up on Porter Street.

On the exterior, Batch appears mostly finished although owner Stephen Roginson says they're now working on building a temporary fence on the patio to prevent customers and employees from taking nosedives off the concrete slab and into the parking lot. Seems reasonable. A more permanent metal railing is being manufactured for installation at a later date.

As far as those pesky city inspections go, Batch is scheduled for its final health inspection next Wednesday. The brewery has been stockpiling kegs of beer in anticipation of the opening. Roginson says they'll probably open for a few individual events first before setting any official hours, in order to get a feel for how quickly the beer sells.

In the meantime, check out how the building has evolved.

June 2014 Batch Brewing/Facebook

Batch Brewing Company

October 2014 Photo by Brenna Houck

And today:

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