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Detroit's Chefs 'Have Arrived'; Most Instagrammed Restaurants and Bars

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Selden Standard.
Selden Standard.
Michelle and Chris Gerard
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

Food Media—Former Eat It Detroit editor Nicole Rupersburg boldly declares inMetromode today that Detroit's chefs "have arrived." Recalling the less provocative 2012 Detroit culinary scene for comparison, Rupersburg explores the careers of four chefs: Andy Hollyday of Selden StandardJustin Vaiciunas of Top of the PontchJames Rigato of The Root; and Nikita Sanches of Rock City Eatery and Campau Tower. If television fame is any measure of success, three out of four of these guys have received some sort of culinary TV attention. Oh, how things change in two years. [Metromode]

Photos of Food—If there's one thing we've learned from Instagram it's that people love taking pictures of their food. An Ann Arbor smartphone app developer, MyFab5, recently shared a list of 2014's most Instagrammed Detroit restaurants and bars. In the top spot was none other than Lafayette Coney Island, followed by Slows Bar-B-Q, and Coach Insignia in third place. Who was fourth? Mercury Bar. [MLive]

Wine—If you want a little classic TV journalism cheese with your wine look no further than WDIV's piece on The Cellar Door in Auburn Hills. These things need little embellishment. The Cellar Door offers wine tasting and cooking classes, as well as pop-up events. [WDIV]

Top of the Pontch

2 Washington, Detroit, MI (313) 782-4313

Slows Bar-B-Q

2138 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216 313-962-9828

Lafayette Coney Island

118 West Lafayette Boulevard, , MI 48226 (313) 964-8198 Visit Website

Rock City Eatery

4216 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 265-3729 Visit Website

Campau Tower

10337 Joseph Campau Avenue, , MI 48212 (313) 758-9579

Selden Standard

3921 2nd Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 438-5055 Visit Website