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Unabashedly American Chinese Food, Friendly Dive Bars, and More in This Week's Reviews

This week's takes on Ganbei, My Dad's Bar, Dime Store, and deep-dish pizza.

Chris and Michelle Gerard

American Chinese food is starting to get a little more credit for being its own separate cuisine. Molly Abraham recently visited and reviewed Ganbei, Rochester's newest Chinese spot. She comments on how the food is "unabashedly American Chinese" but how that's refreshing. Though most props went to the designers of the restaurant, Abraham says the atmosphere is "stunning" and that the prices aren't bad either.

My Dad's Bar isn't new, but Johnny Drop's homage over at the Metrotimes is. Drop comments on how its bartenders are friendlier and more skilled than at your average dive. With a diverse jukebox, smells of stale smoke, and dust, he says this place is homey.

Noelle Lothamer reported in-depth on Detroit's newest brunch addition, Dime Store. According to Lothamer the lunch options were good, but breakfast was a letdown. Still, the food was good enough to come back and give it another go, though the service needs a little work.

Wonder where the best Detroit-style deep dish pizzas are? Look no further, Thrillist put together a panel of anonymous experts. They asked some of the area's top chefs (and one current Top Chef) to rate their five favorite deep dishes on a point scale with five points being the best. The winner? Not Buddy's but Loui's Pizza of Hazel Park.
—Lisa John Rogers