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Pop-Up Café Arcane Looks for Home in Southwest Detroit

In which a coffee pop-up goes brick and mortar.

Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

Looks like new cold brew pop-up Arcane Coffee's owner Catherine Engstrom is looking to settle down in southwest Detroit. Engstrom is negotiating a lease for a brick and mortar space "that hopefully we will close on soon, off of West Grand Blvd in southwest." While the deal is not yet set in stone, Engstrom says she’s hopeful it will work because "it’s the perfect spot."

Popular coffeehouse Café con Leche enjoys a loyal following in southwest. The addition of Arcane would certainly provide more variety in the genre of artisanal coffee shops in this part of town. In the meantime, Engstrom and her sometimes assistant barista (and fiancé) have been swamped with private engagements and are looking to hold more events for the caffeine-drinking public to enjoy as a way to create buzz around Arcane. Says Engstrom of her venture: "We are really excited about trying to encourage a sustainable packing system with our cold brew coffee and the whole bean coffee we have, so far it has been a huge success."