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Bacon 'Takedown' Coming to Midtown Detroit

Detroit Bacon Takedown.
Detroit Bacon Takedown.
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Looking for something to do this weekend? Matt Timms of the nutzo "Takedown" competitions says he's looking for Detroit-based home cooks to compete in the Detroit Bacon Takedown this weekend. The New York Times in 2009 said the popular "anything goes competitions follow "in the spirit of two wholly American pursuits — overeating and winning."

This is the first visit to Detroit for Timms and he's been taking to Twitter to get the word out to local media outlets.

He tells Eater that anyone willing partake in the event will get 15 pounds of bacon for use in the competition. The winner walks away with cash and other prizes. To give the Takedown all that you've got, email Timms at or to the website to sign up. Cost is $10, plus $5.74 service fee. Takedown goes down 1-3 p.m. Sunday at the Magic Stick in Midtown.
-By Serena Maria Daniels
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