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Arcane Coffee Slow Pours Pop Up All Over Detroit

Arcane Coffee.
Arcane Coffee.
Photo: All photos via Facebook

Building on the slow but steady growth of Detroit's artisanal cafe scene from the likes of Astro, Great Lakes and the Roasting Plant, Arcane Coffee offers an interesting alternative by leaving as little a footprint as possible. So far, Arcane's hot and cold brews have been spotted all over southeast Michigan, including at Parker Street Market in West Village, the Ann Arbor Wellness Collective, Campus Martius, serving up samples for Hatch Detroit.

They are not brick and mortar. In fact, Arcane is a pop-up, pour-over stand, sprouting up at local DIY shows, museum charity events and independent grocers over the last several months. When they do set up shop, they collect their discarded coffee grounds and donate them to the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative to be used as compost. And they encourage recycling by encouraging their customers to use glass bottles instead of throw-away cups (BYOB, that is bring your own bottle, and get a discount).


Arcane seems to have kept a low profile so far, having only established earlier this year. According to the company website, the idea for the business came from the owners after working in the coffee industry for the past 12 years. While more and more coffee shops are making names for themselves in Detroit, there are still plenty of pockets in the 140-square-mile city that would probably welcome a visit from Arcane. Eater Detroit is interested in where they might pop up next.
-By Serena Maria Daniels
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