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Who's Got the GAR Pineapple?

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GAR building.
GAR building.
Photo: GAR Detroit

Seems as though the team behind the massive rehab of the G.A.R. building downtown, which when completed will house the Republic and Parks and Rec restaurants, has stumbled upon a rather unusual mystery that they need help solving. The GAR blog says that rehab crews have been perplexed by what once sat on top of the newel at the base of the stairs. During a recent public talk about the castle's renovation efforts in Grosse Pointe a woman approached the team and eluded to what used to sit at the bottom of the staircase.

"Does the carved pineapple still sit at the base of the stairs?" she asked. The revelation has got folks over at Mindfield (the firm that owns the building) and chef Kate Williams (who will head both restaurants) thinking wouldn't it be great to find the original carved fruit and return it to its former home.

With that in mind, anyone with information about the whereabouts of the pineapple is asked to contact Mindfield. If the pineapple is indeed returned, the finder's fee is a tasty pineapple treat prepared by Williams herself.
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