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Om Cafe in Ferndale Is Now for Sale

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Om Café owner Jason Thibodeau will be selling the popular vegan-friendly Ferndale eatery.

"It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter," Thibodeau begins, going on to explain that his current manager of the restaurant Jessica Norwood and chef Madu Helsel have decided to move on. The chef and manager will leave by the end of September. If, by that time, no one has made an offer, Om Café will close. He goes on to write:

As much as we will miss them, we are in complete support for them. As most of you may know I started a second Om Café, the Parlor and now the Raw Juice Co. in Traverse City. Things are taking off and have completely consumed my time and me. I am no longer in a position to be able to do it all. For this reason we are selling the Ferndale business.
Thibodeau tried to sell the restaurant back in 2011, but decided to reenter the business. "Today my hope is that one of our valued customers keeps the torch burning," he writes. Thibodeau says that in order to court someone interested in preserving the integrity of the beloved restaurant, they will only be asking half of what the restaurant is worth.

Almost immediately after the announcement, the restaurant Facebook page exploded with an outpouring of well wishes and patrons concerned for the future of the establishment. The open letter has been shared more than 60 times.

Parties interested in taking on the café can contact Thibodeau at (805) 705-0686 or at
"The café is doing the best it has ever done in its life and we just need someone to continue to love it," says Thibodeau.
—Brenna Houck
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