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Look Inside Johnny Noodle King, Debuting Today in Corktown

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[All photos: Chris and Michelle Gerard]

It's official. As of today, Detroit has its one and only ramen house. The menu for Jacques Driscoll's Johnny Noodle King is up and doors open at 11 a.m. For the time being, diners will only get a slurp out of the Noodle King's bowls during lunch hours, 11 p.m. 3 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. If that's too short a window, don't fret. Hours are expected to be extended starting September 24, according to the Corktown restaurant's Facebook page.

And now onto the menu. Expect to find a variety of Asian-inspired noodles prepared by chef Les Molnar, who also brought Detroit the popular Green Dot Stables. Driscoll makes heavy use of bamboo in many of the offerings, including Japanese dishes like the Shoyu, which also uses pork belly, and the seafood dish, Shio – with octopus and fish roe.
Driscoll also creates his own interpretations of Thai favorites like the Tom Yum, which he makes use of confit chicken thigh, and his red curry – also featuring pork belly.

Diners can have extra ingredients thrown into their bowls for $1 or $2. Sides range from $3 to $13 (torched mackerel). And there will be a variety of Japanese brews and sakes on the menu.
—Serena Daniels
This post has been updated to reflect Driscoll and Molnar's roles.
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Johnny Noodle King

2601 West Fort Street, , MI 48216 (313) 309-7946 Visit Website