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7-Eleven Slurpees Make Sweet Return to Downtown

Photo: Curbed Detroit

At long last, Slurpees have returned to downtown Detroit for the first time in 20 years when a 7-Eleven opened its doors just in time to catch the tail end of summer. CBS Detroit reports that a 3,020-square-foot 7-Eleven location opened July 31 at Cadillac Square and Randolph.

The chain store told Eater Detroit in a tweet this morning that 7-Eleven first made its return inside the city limits back in February, as was also reported by Curbed Detroit.

These two sites apparently aren't the only 7-Elevens expected to arrive. The company said last year it wants to build up to six stores around the Renaissance Center and Comerica Park. It's not clear where future stores might pop up.
-Serena Maria Daniels