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Rattlesnake Club Wine Tasting; Detroit Police, Fire Coney Fight

American Coney Island.
American Coney Island.
Photo: Yelp

Detroit Rattlesnake Club sommelier Maria Papp is chefs Chris Franz and Jeff Lanctot are inviting Detroiters to get to know some of Michigan's summer wine selections at a tasting event on its terrace at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The winery lineup includes Forty-Five North and Gill's Pier in Leelanau, Left Foot Charley, Bower's Harbor in Old Mission and Marland in Lake Michigan Shore. Advance purchased tickets are strongly suggested. [-ED-]

Detroit — Watch Detroit police and firefighters stuff their faces with coneys or do your own scarfing at American Coney Island Coney Dog's fourth coney eating contest Aug. 28. This year's event will include guest judge Takeru Kobayashi, the international competitive eater and Guinness Record holder. $10 registration to compete. [-ED-]

Ann ArborThe Slurping Turtle Japanese restaurant in Ann Arbor is celebrating Japanese street food in its latest summer menu, revealed this week. Have a hankering for fried octopus balls? Try the Takoyaki, a traditional dish served with Japanese mayo, takoyaki sauce, and topped with nori and bonito flakes. The Miso Dengaku, a vegetarian-friendly street dish, is a miso-glazed yam cake with tofu, eggplant, and oba. Or slurp away on a bowl of Red Miso Ramen with braised short rib, bok choy, scallions, sweet corn, and naruto. [-ED-]

American Coney Island

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