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Set Back for Johnny Noodle King Opening

Johnny Noodle King.
Johnny Noodle King.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

It looks like Detroiters will have to wait longer still before they get to slurp on the ramen at Johnny Noodle King. An ominous Facebook posting this morning from the upcoming ramen shop said that the restaurant had experienced "a few minor setback(s) but nothing major. Don't want to put a date out there yet, but it is getting close!"

Eater Detroit followed up with the company to see what's the deal. A reply via Facebook says:

"We had some equipment that we special ordered get back ordered. First it was four weeks now it is not coming until the end of the month at best. It is equipment that is needed for us to function properly. It is very frustrating… That is pretty much the major problem, everything else should be figured out by the time the equip. comes in."

The arrival of Johnny Noodle King, owned by Jacques Driscoll of Green Dot Stables, is among the most anticipated restaurant openings in the city and would be the only full-fledged ramen house in Detroit, a fact that no doubt has fans salivating in anticipation. It looks like they'll have to wait until end of August to early September to get a taste. It may be just as well since ramen might be more appetizing once the temperatures cool down.
-By Serena Maria Daniels
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Johnny Noodle King

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