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Batman Vs. Superman At Corktown's Hygrade Deli

Brick front of Hygrade’s Deli building with sign atop
Hygrade Deli.
Photo: Facebook

The film crew and cast of Batman Vs. Superman stopped by Hygrade Deli yesterday, but it wasn't to try the famous sandwiches. The deli announced on Facebook late last night that they were in fact used for a scene in the movie, and some of the staff may even appear on the silver screen:

"So here it is, Batman vs Superman came to Hygrade Deli today. Yours truly and your favorite waitress Linda were used as extras. Details after i get some much needed rest"

According to online forum Detroit Yes, there was a lot of activity and a change to the deli's identity: "They had a ton of equipment out there and they changed the name to Rolli's Deli or something like that."

Pictures are unlikely to surface, given how tight security has been on set, but hopefully Hygrade will have a few more details forthcoming. As for the movie, they have been filming at various locations all around the Corktown neighborhood. Any thoughts on where they might show up next?
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Hygrade Restaurant & Deli

3640 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 313-894-6620