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Husband and Wife Team to Launch Pop-Up Venue in Hamtramck

Yemans Street.
Yemans Street.
Photo: Yemans Street

Drawing from the momentum of Hamtramck's growing population of culinary artists, husband and wife team Matt and Corrie Tinker are jumping aboard Metro Detroit's now burgeoning pop-up restaurant band wagon by opening their own venue in a unique work/loft space.

Simply named Yemans Street, because well it's on Yemans directly across from Polish Village Café, the space features reclaimed wood in the furnishings and floor, will seat 60 people and be open three nights a week starting in the next couple of weeks. Already confirmed to prepare the first meal is chef Jay Gundy of Cork Wine Pub in Pleasant Ridge.

Matt Tinker tells Eater Detroit he's in talks with more metro area chefs, who are just waiting on the place to open for business. Like (Revolver), situated around the corner from this new venue on Jos. Campau, guests will purchase advanced tickets online using a credit card. Tickets will run anywhere between $35-$100. Also like (Revolver), Yemans Street does not have a liquor license so guests will have to BYOB if they want to imbibe.

Yemans Street. [Photo: Yemans Street]

This newest edition to the neighborhood is perhaps a sign that tiny Hamtown is one of the Detroit area's most promising culinary communities, with whizzes like Nikita Santches of Rock City Eatery expanding his enterprise with the reopening of the popular greasy spoon Campau Tower within a week, artisan chocolatier Alexandra Clark setting up her Bon Bon Bon gourmet chocolate shop on Evaline and Tunde Wey's (Revolver) constantly bringing an array of Detroit's highly acclaimed chefs into his revolving supper club kitchen. That's not to mention Hamtramck's long-established restaurants whose cuisine spans most of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, thanks to a constant inflow of immigration to the urban enclave.

Yemans Street. [Photo: Yemans Street]

It's not clear whether the Tinkers have any experience of their own tinkering with food. Matt Tinker tells Eater that he found the property listed for rent earlier this year on Curbed Detroit and fell in love with the space, described as a 2,500-square-foot live/work loft, with a vast interior, kitchen/entry area, with a bedroom/studio space in back. Windows are plentiful, as are skylights – there are three – and the property is also equipped with a roof deck. No word yet whether that space will be utilized for entertaining diners.
-By Serena Maria Daniels
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