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Campau Tower Gets a Name Change, Opens in One Week

Campau Tower.
Campau Tower.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

Rock City Eatery's Nikita Santches is wasting no time in putting his mark on the late night Hamtramck restaurant Campau Towers, which closed earlier this year. He is reopening it to once again serve burgers to the late night crowd, but he appears to be adding to the name, referring to it on Facebook as "Campau Tower Hamburgers/The Americana Eatery".

The change seems to be serving two purposes: first, it's establishing a connection to his first restaurant Rock City Eatery, and secondly it seems to say 'we're not just about burgers, okay? We also do classy American eats, not just late night drunk person food.' It's kind of a long name though, and while Rock City is affectionately referred to as "RCE", CTH/TAE just doesn't have the same ring.

But agree or disagree with the name change, the doors are opening to the public in just one week, on August 18th, and really the judgement just comes down to whether or not the burgers are good and cheap, right?
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Campau Tower

10337 Joseph Campau Avenue, , MI 48212 (313) 758-9579

Rock City Eatery

4216 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 265-3729 Visit Website