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Green Dot Stables' Les Molnar Shares His Best Beer And Slider Combos

Green Dot Stables.
Green Dot Stables.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

Green Dot Stables is known for their vast array of sliders, from the standard (cheeseburger) to the unusual (catfish); from the unknown (mystery meat) to the makes-that-inner-little-kid-happy (PB&J); from the vegetarian (tempeh) to the quintessential Detroit (coney dog): there is a mini-burger-sandwich to suit every taste. And if the choice alone wasn't enough to excite, in an even better turn of events, each slider is only $2-$3 and can be ordered a la carte in single serving sizes. In other words: sample as many as possible. In an ode to Eater's The Five Days Of Meat, Chef Les Molnar breaks down his 10 favorite meaty sliders and their appropriate beer counterparts.

1. Cheeseburger (with onions and pickles): Stroh's
Chef Les: "Two Detroit staples, if it ain't broke don't fix it."

2. Fried Bologna (with grilled onions): Zywiec
Chef Les: "The fried salty-ness from the bologna is balanced nicely by a bright yet earthy pale lager, in this (my favorite) Polish beer."

3. Corned Beef (with sauerkraut, pickles and mustard aioli): Founders Porter
Chef Les: "Super strong flavors coming from the corned beef like whole grain mustard and The Brinery sauerkraut stack up well next to a rich and full bodied beer like a porter."

4. Cuban (pork loin, ham, Jack cheese, mustard, pickles): Angry Orchard Hard Cider
Chef Les: "Pork loin, Ham, Mustard, Apples…Duh."

5. Coney Dog (with venison chili, onions and mustard): Bud Heavy
Chef Les: "Bud heavy is my beer of choice at Lafayette Coney Island, the two have become synonymous with each other."

6. BBQ Bacon (with sweet potato homemade BBQ sauce): Bells Two Hearted
Chef Les: "The spice from the BBQ sauce and smoked bacon play nicely with this tried and true Double IPA."

7. Fried Chicken (with sage maple syrup): Mickey's
Chef Les: "Sage maple syrup on the Fried Chicken is a nice complement to the malted notes Mickey's is so apt to provide."

8. Korean (beef patty with kimchi and peanut butter): New Holland Monkey King Saison, Farmhouse Ale
Chef Les: "Kimchi, beef, and peanut butter? Beer with a farmhouse funk? Sometimes the most unexpected things can also be silly delicious."

9. Philly Cheese Steak (with peppers and onions and "squeeze cheese": Motor City Brewing Works Ghettoblaster
Chef Les: "Get out a fork and knife for this pair, or a bib, or neither. MCBW Ghettoblaster is English style mild ale that goes down almost as smooth as squeeze cheese."

10. Hot Brown (chicken with mornay sauce and bacon): Little Kings Cream Ale
Chef Les: "Pony up to this combo more than once! Cream Ale meets Cream Sauce - white wine cream sauce that is. Spread on bacon and grilled chicken breast. Yummy."

Have you been to Green Dot Stables to try their sliders? Have any particular favorite beer (or cocktail) pairings? Speak up in the comments section below.-By Hannah Lowe
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Green Dot Stables

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