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The Guide To Craft Beer Meat Marinades

In honor of The Five Days of Meat, beer contributor Courtney Ochab has compiled a mini guide to marinating meat in Michigan craft beers. Later in the week she will share her favorite meat and Michigan craft beer pairings, that will work with the marinades in this piece or independently.

Dragonmead Brewery. [Photo: Facebook]

Cooking with beer offers a range of flavor possibilities, and with so many local Detroit beers, new flavor combinations come with every meal. Beers can add rich, caramel-like flavors or light floral notes, all with relatively minimal cooking time. One of the most effective ways to cook with beer is to use it as a tenderizing marinade. Beer contains enzymes that help break down tough fibers in meat, making it more tender and flavorful at the same time. As the grill heats up during these summer months, be sure to try a few of these local flavors with your favorite grilling meats.

BBQ Chicken- This one was a favorite over the holiday. Marinate chicken with a lambic, Lindamin's Raspberry Framboise, before grilling and adding BBQ sauce.

Steak- An amber or ESB, Frankenmuth Old Detroit, brings out a variety of flavors while keeping a balanced profile, both in terms of hops and malt, as to not overwhelm the meat.

Burgers- Marinate the burger patties in a brown ale, Dragonmead London Brown, or brush the beer onto the patties as they cook. Pouring the beer from the bottles creates for spillage, which is wasted beer.

Brats/Hot Dogs- Most brats and dogs are boiled. Don't boil them in beer, the spices and flavors of the meat will soak into the beer as it cooks. Instead, caramelize onions in a porter, Kuhnhenn Penetration Porter, or brush on if grilling to hold in flavor.-By Courtney Ochab
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