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Popular New Restaurant Antietam Rallies After Chef and Bartender Walk Out

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Photo: Yelp

Antietam opened just three weeks ago, but big changes are already underway, as owner Gregory Holm confirmed to Eater Detroit that chef Brendon Edwards and bartender Joe Robinson are no longer working for the restaurant. Holm appears to be taking the swift change in stride, announcing in a press release yesterday afternoon that the restaurant will be hosting an event this weekend "to christen its early success" and to thank their customers.

Stepping up to prepare the food are chefs Kate Williams (of soon to open Republic and Parks & Rec) and Jonathan Kung (of Kung Food). They are creating a collaborative Asian and French fusion menu for the weekend. As for when regular service will resume, the release just states "August", as the hunt for new staff is undoubtedly already underway.


Weekend Frolic In City's Leading Food Performance Space Highlights French Grapes, Local Chefs, Celebrates Early Successes

DETROIT – JULY 30, 2014 – Antietam, the city's most talked-about new restaurant, will raise glasses of some of the finest French grapes, 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, August 2, at 1428 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, MI 48207 to christen its early success.
Antietam, which soft-launched in July, has captured the national culinary spotlight by hosting avant- garde events, including a 75-person meal by Brooklyn-based experiential dining artist David Stark, edible food installations, and immersive performance pieces attended by Creative Time of New York City.
"I really would like to pay tribute to the lines of people that are outside our door every day at 5 p.m. waiting to get in," Owner Greg Holm said. "We weren't sure if the city was ready for it, but the community opened its arms. I want to celebrate all of our customers who filled our reservation book. We're offering a menu prepared by local chefs, Kate Williams and Jonathan Kung, and wine curated by Mark Maynard and Christina Gibbs."

Williams, of Republican and Parks and Rec, and Kung of Kung Food, are collaborating on the event's menu.

"Our styles are so different," Williams said. "We've been wanting to work together for a long time."

Kung felt like Asian and French "is going to be a tantalizing culinary experience," agreeing with Williams that "Antietam's space lends itself to tremendous creativity."
Saturday's menu highlights will include a tempura charcuterie board, and a curry oyster bisque with chili oil pickled ramps.

The special event menu will include pairings from Antietam's fearless French wine offerings, including Clos Cibonne by the glass.

Detroiters who already hold Antietam dear in their hearts can look forward to some surprise entertainment this weekend, and normal reservations resuming in August.
"I have always tried to revitalize the space with new energy and a creative exchange of talent on a regular basis," Holm said. "We just built one of the top restaurants in the city during our soft launch, so there is a lot of cause to celebrate this weekend, and we're looking forward to showing the community what's next."

What exactly is coming next remains to be seen, but updates will follow as the story develops.
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