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The Root Adds Brunch, Rewrites Menu

The Root.
The Root.
Photo: Facebook

Chef James Rigato of The Root is making some major changes, which he hinted at online and revealed in full to Sylvia Rector of the Detroit Free Press.

Rigato is "tired of holding back" according to the article, so he will be adding Sunday brunch on July 27th, after discontinuing Monday-Thursday lunches on July 21st.

Rigato is also adding pig farmer to his resume, as he and employees will begin raising pigs in Ann Arbor specifically for the restaurant. Rigato spent the past weekend setting fence posts, and his sous chef Jessi Patuano is in charge of the project.

The decor and lighting will also undergo some changes, but it will be more of a freshening up than an overhaul. As for the regular menu, it will be changing significantly, with the biggest change occurring around the tasting menu:

"A "chef's choice" menu option will replace the current tasting menu, which offers guests four dishes from a selected list of items on the regular menu for a fixed price. With a chef's-choice approach, Rigato can cook whatever he's inspired to create that night. No date has been set for the change; prices will vary."

It seems that instead of settling, Rigato is doing his best to keep things on the cutting edge, which is what he does best.
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