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John's Carpet House Shut Down by Police

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John's Carpet House.
John's Carpet House.
Photo: Facebook

John's Carpet House, a long-standing outdoor blues venue, has been shut down by the cops according to Deadline Detroit. The weekly event draws crowds who listen to music, eat, and drink, sitting on blankets and lawn chairs on weekends for more than 15 years. Deadline reports that this past weekend, people were gathered but the music was missing.

"The police department shut us down," said Pete Barrow, the organizer of the event and owner of the eight lots on which it takes place. Officers had come by that morning saying the gathering was illegal, that vendors didn't have proper permits. John's Carpet House was also sited [sic] for not having enough portable bathrooms and proper security.

They are starting a petition and working to gain the attention of local politicians to plead their case, and for now the future of John's Carpet House remains uncertain.
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