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The Guide To Craft Beer And Grilled Meat Pairings

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In honor of The Five Days of Meat, beer contributor Courtney Ochab put together a guide to pairing Michigan craft beer with your favorite grilled meats. Earlier in the week she posted her favorite Michigan craft beer marinade and meat pairings, and she suggests to use the two guides together, or try them separately.

Motor City Brewing Works. [Photo: Yelp]

Barbecue season has arrived and the merry time of spatulas, tongs, and stomach-stuffing family celebrations require beer! While the apron-clad cooks marinate their meats with beer, the pairing doesn't stop there. Every backyard barbecue deserves a great beer- or a six-pack! (This pairing and the marinade pairing can be used together).

BBQ Chicken- The sweetness from the lambic and BBQ sauce pairs well with a farmhouse ale, Motor City Greenfield Village Farmhouse, bringing out the early tones within the meat and yet combines a tart flavor with the sweet of the sauces for a taste that has to be tried. Also, it's a great summer style to keep you cool on the patio.

Steak- An altbier, Detroit Beer Company's Dwarf/Alt, is the perfect combination to bring out the malted flavors of the marinate and roasted flavors of the meat without creating an over-malted combination.

Burgers- To cut through the burger's richness, select a lightly hopped pale ale, Detroit Pale Ale. The carbonation and bitterness will suitably scrub the palate.

Brats/Hot Dogs- Depending on the toppings or meat flavor the pairing can change. Sticking with the traditional ballpark hotdog or caramelized onions flavor pairing a lager, Atwater Lager, is best suited to quench your thirst and pair without overpowering any flavor.-By Courtney Ochab
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