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Atwater To Begin Distilling Spirits

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Atwater Brewery is the latest business to join the distilled spirits craze in Detroit, announcing in Crain's that they plan to start distilling clear spirits at their Joseph Campau location in the next few months.

President Mark Reith "expects to be granted a license to produce spirits in a micro-distillery at Atwater's 237 Jos. Campau location" in around 60 days, and the first alcohol on the list will be a Dirty Blonde Vodka, named after the popular Atwater beer.

Other liquors are on the list, working from light to dark according to Reith, who plans on "more aged spirits" being produced down the road. This seems to be the accepted MO, as Valentine and Our/Detroit have taken similar paths.

Atwater will join Two James, and the soon to open Detroit City Distillery and Our/Detroit Vodka as producers located inside city limits, with the wildly popular Valentine located on the outskirts of Detroit in Ferndale. All the expansion is good for business, but it begs the question, when will Detroit reach peak micro-distillery saturation?

Atwater seems unconcerned though, as they're already making future growth plans:

"By early October, patrons will be able to buy Atwater spirits at the Detroit distillery; Rieth said the company hopes to add store distribution in the future."

Looks like local spirits are what everyone is currently looking for, so why not capitalize on the trend while it lasts?
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Detroit City Distillery

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