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Everybody Cheer for the New MI Liquor License Law

The Zenith.
The Zenith.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

There is a brand new liquor law in Michigan that is making it easier for new businesses to start selling alcohol before they have a permanent license. The new law has only been in effect since May 22nd, allowing businesses who have applied for a license to also apply for a conditional license, which gives them permission to sell booze in the interim. According to DBusiness:

"the commission has 20 business days to issue a conditional license to a qualified applicant seeking to transfer an existing license to sell alcohol for consumption on or off the licensed premises, or an applicant seeking a new specially designated merchant license to sell beer and wine for consumption off the licensed premises."

One Michigan business has already taken advantage of the new law, and according to the article, the current turnaround time is pretty quick: "In the case of C & G, the northern Michigan company completed its application on May 28 and — four business days later — was approved for a conditional license."

So what does a business have to do in order to apply for a conditional license? A little extra paperwork, and a pretty nominal amount of extra cash:

"In addition to a completed application for the permanent license, an applicant requesting a conditional license must provide the application form, proof of financial responsibility, an executed property document, and $300."

As for if and how this will change the process of opening a restaurant in Detroit, which seems to take forever, has yet to be determined. However, it may help new restaurants to avoid the situation The Zenith is in, where they still appear to have an empty bar and no license months after opening. Booze is a big boost for sales, and new restaurants can always use the extra income.
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