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Craig Lieckfelt Reveals New Guns + Butter Details

Guns + Butter.
Guns + Butter.
Photo: Eater Detroit

Chef Craig Lieckfelt of Guns + Butter is profiled in a new WSJ Magazine article, where he discusses his ambitions to bring a three-Michelin star restaurant to Detroit. He also reveals more about what to expect from the brick and mortar Guns + Butter restaurant, a place it seems he wants to keep for a very long time.

According to the article,

"Backing from his business partners—David Goldman, a doctor, and Anthony Curis, a co-owner of downtown Detroit's Library Street Collective gallery—allowed him to sign a 20-year lease on an 800-square-foot space in the historic Cary Building last January."

The building is owned by Bedrock, Dan Gilbert's real estate company, and some were expecting that the restaurant would be one of the four announced in a high-profile press event last month, but mum appears to still be the official word.

Guns Butter.jpg
Cary Building. [Photo: Bedrock Real Estate]

But according to the magazine, the space will be small, and Lieckfelt's talents will be on full display:

"Acting like a culinary clairvoyant, he described—in the present tense—the location of the bar, behind which he hopes to cook for the next several decades. "I'm making food right in front of everybody," he said. He explained that there would be only 16 seats so he could develop new relationships every night and that, after much deliberation, he'd be charging what he felt was a fair price of $50 for a dinner that would cost at least four times that in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York."

As for a projected opening date? "Later this summer" is all that's mentioned.
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