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The Intriguing Interior of Willys; Penguin Mansions; More!

Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWN— The king Midtown's one-way streets, 2nd Avenue, is on the verge of going both ways. Over the weekend, crews will be out making the switch. Details on future bike lanes and more are on Curbed.

CORKTOWN— After selling for $900K, the CPA Building has yet to be boarded up or altered in any way. What do the new owners have in mind?

DETROIT ZOO— The largest construction project in Detroit Zoo history is about to begin, and no one is happier than the penguins. Once complete, the new penguin exhibit will feature everything from a dive pool to a toboggan run. Check out the renderings.

MIDTOWN— Shinola's sister store, Willys, just opened with its own take on retail design. Check out the darker, moodier interior compared with the bright openness of Shinola.