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Detroit's Most Underrated Bars

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The Painted Lady.
The Painted Lady.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

Welcome to Open Thread, in which we ask Eater readers to weigh in on a topic of urgent importance. Send your pressing dining issues up for discussion this way.

Sugar House. Two James. The Old Miami. These are some of the bars that are widely loved, packed on a weekend evening, and full of out of towners, because they are generally accepted as the cool kids of the bar scene. But what about those awesome places that don't get so much press?

Detroit is bar city 2014, sure, but where are the real hidden gems? The places full of only regulars; with strong, cheap drinks; or with surprisingly solid craft cocktail programs? Restaurant bars or hole-in-the-wall joints, we want to hear about them all. Tell us, and we'll map it out and give them a little of the attention they deserve. Leave a comment, send an email, or use the tipline anonymously.
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