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The CPA Building is SOLD; Midtown Green Alleys; More!

CORKTOWN— After years rotting on the market, the CPA Building has finally sold. But the buyer got more than just the CPA. Check out the sale price and the scope of Corktown's next big rehab opportunity.

MIDTOWN— Another green alley is planned for Midtown, this time behind a defunct chicken joint on the DMC side of Woodward. What the rutted path looks like today and what to expect later this summer, all on Curbed.

BERRY SUB— A former B&B is on the market for just $200K, but this isn't your average listing. With views overlooking a canal, the 114-year-old estate needs some love. Take a peek inside.

MIDTOWN— Abandoned and scrapped, the Finn Apartments appear destined for rehab. What may look like a humble apartment building actually packs in quite a few apartments. Here's what to look for.