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Chez Chloe Introduces Bourbon Cakes; Art of the Cocktail Hits Ferndale

Green Dot Stables Johnny Noodle King Pop Up.
Green Dot Stables Johnny Noodle King Pop Up.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT/METRO DETROITChez Chloé is rolling out special edition bourbon chocolate lava cakes for Father's Day, and they're taking pre-orders online now due to high demand, though they will also have limited quantities available this weekend at both Eastern Market and the Birmingham Farmers Market. [Facebook]

FERNDALEArt of the Cocktail takes place Thursday, June 19th at MBrew, featuring some of the city's best bartenders in a competition to create Ferndale's Cocktail of the Year. The event in $40 per person, including cocktail tastings, appetizers, music, a silent auction, and interactive art project. [Facebook]