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Detroit Phrosties Hit The Streets

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Detroit Phrosties.
Detroit Phrosties.
Photo: detroitphrosties Instagram

Forget powdered alcohol, the drink of the summer is the sugar and booze fest that is the Phrosty, a NYC hipster phenomenon coming soon to Corktown (and beyond?). A tipster sent a link to a new local Instagram account, appropriately titled "detroitphrosties".

A Phrosty, for the uninitiated, is a frozen cocktail in a clear plastic bottle, delivered straight to a customer's door for a fee. The illegal? unregulated cocktails are mighty potent, and it's not exactly clear what's in them, besides sugar, food coloring, and excessive amounts of alcohol. They're pretty much banned in NYC, after local government spoke out against the potential for underage consumption, but someone apparently thinks Detroit is the perfect market to try next.

Buying a Phrosty has the thrill of doing something illegal, and the clandestine nature of the purchase (text the order to a phone number on Instagram and someone will show up, exchange the goods for cash, and then depart) is likely a huge part of the appeal. The Detroit Phrosties folks are stating that they're for ages 21 and up only, but are these underground booze-dealers actually going to card customers? Unlikely. Could this be the summer booze craze of 2014? Guess everyone's about to find out.
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