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Top of the Pontch Readies for August Opening

The Jefferson House.
The Jefferson House.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

Justin Vaiciunas, chef at the Crown Plaza Hotel's Jefferson House, is hiring for a new restaurant, Top of the Pontch. He announced on Facebook yesterday that he is looking for a Restaurant Manager and three Sous Chefs, noting that the highly anticipated restaurant is opening in August. Top of the Pontch, which will also call the Crowne Plaza home, will have a very different atmosphere from the downstairs Jefferson House. Model D reported last year that:

"The 25th floor restaurant, bar and lounge will be totally reimagined – in contrast to the Jefferson House's neutral palette and old-world appeal, the new Top of the Pontch will be flashy, all glass and waterfalls, bringing Vegas style to Detroit. The menu will be ambitious fine dining."

Detroit: it's not just about hamburgers any more.
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The Jefferson House

2 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226 313-965-0200

Top of the Pontch

2 Washington, Detroit, MI (313) 782-4313