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Lagos Brings Nigerian Bar-B-Q to Southwest

Photo: Courtesy Tunde Wey

On May 17th, a new kind of spicy is hitting Southwest, as the inaugural Lagos Nigerian Bar-B-Q pop-up takes place at 4114 W. Vernor. Brainchild of Tunde Wey, who has come under fire recently for his apparently controversial concept Goldfinch American, is going back to his roots with traditional Nigerian beef barbeque, served weekly.

The Saturday night dinners will be pop-ups for the first five weeks or so as Wey negotiates a lease for the building, which will soon become the permanent location. The food will start out more traditional for the pop ups, but Wey said he hopes that he and his business partners will be able to incorporate those same techniques and flavors in more innovative ways moving forward.

Loud, "raunchy" music and spicy food in a laid back atmosphere with professional service is Wey's ultimate goal. His ideal is to channel "a party where everyone's been drinking but nobody is drunk", explaining that he hopes diners will feel friendly and at ease, without any awkwardness. The family style meals will include plenty of spicy Michigan beef, along with rice pilaf, fried plantains, and vegetables with melon seeds.

Tickets should be purchased in advance, but some walk-in spots will be available for $35. The meal is not vegetarian friendly, but a pescetarian option includes all three sides. Alcohol will be available, but is not included in the $30 ticket price, and the venue is not BYOB friendly. Once they move into the restaurant full time they'll be open 6 days per week, and in time Goldfinch American will share the same space.
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