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1917 American Bistro Reopens; The Simpson's Dinner at Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk Pub.
Grand Trunk Pub.
Photo: Facebook

DOWNTOWNDowntown Louie's Lounge has just posted their full menu online, and while it's not reinventing bar food, they have everything from entree salads to burgers and steak, with more than a few vegetarian options available. And yes, there is mac & cheese on the menu, but theirs is fried, and served with cheese sauce (because more cheese) for dipping. [Facebook]

DOWNTOWN— Themed dinners are getting a sense of humor, and the Grand Trunk Pub and Dragonmead Brewery dinner taking place on May 13th, is a perfect example of that trend. The Simpson's themed meal includes four courses, with Dragonmead pairings, for $45 per person. [-ED-]

AVENUE OF FASHION—The newly renovated 1917 American Bistro just reopened today, and they're sharing the good news on Facebook. They'll be open tonight until 11:00 p.m., and will take 5% off the bill of visitors who prove they shared their celebratory reopening post on Facebook. [Facebook]

STERLING HEIGHTS— It's still quite a ways away, but the Mo Pop Festival will be hosting a food truck rally at the July 12th event, and local favorites like El Guapo, Treat Dreams, The Cook's Crossing, Sweet Magnolia's, and many more will all be in attendance to feed hungry music fans. [-ED-]