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Cat Destroys Mural; Detroit's Most Expensive Home; More!

DOWNTOWN— A well-known geometric mural was recently painted over for a giant Slurpee ad, which features a mustachioed cat. See the ultimate art injustice at Curbed.

CAPITOL PARK— Dan Gilbert just grabbed two more historic gems and...a strip club parking lot. Yes, a dirty lot next to the burned-out shell of The Grind is now Gilbert Country. The buildings and plans, this way.

NORTH END— M1 Rail is making plans to build a storage garage, which they're calling the M1 Tech Center. We have the design and ETA.

PALMER WOODS— Detroit's priciest residential listing is back. The Alfred Fisher Mansion has returned to the market, and its asking price, once set at $1.2M, has been dramatically increased. Take a stroll inside.