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Choose Your Indian Village Mansion; Green Garbage Trucks; More!


BOSTON-EDISON— The Squatter House is back! Last we saw, the historic charmer was asking just $19K. Today, it's back on the market with an absurdly high ask and a sketchy renovation. Check out that changes.

CORKTOWN— Remember when Dan Gilbert inexplicably bought that old warehouse in Corktown? Now we know why. Get ready for a massive tech center to appear on Rosa Parks Boulevard.

INDIAN VILLAGE— One of Detroit's swankiest 'hoods has quite a few mansions on the market. We ask you to choose between two listings with similar asks and wildly different interiors. Which mansion tickles your fancy?

WEST SIDE— Detroit's rickety old trash trucks are about to be replaced by new rigs that run on compressed natural gas. What does that mean? Less stink, less noise, and a new CNG filling station.