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Midtown FatBurger Clears Up Legal Trouble and Reopens

FatBurger Midtown.
FatBurger Midtown.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

It seems that the FatBurger in Midtown has triumphed in the end after last week's closure. The closed doors were paired with a serious-sounding legal notice, but a PR rep has confirmed that they are once again open and that all issues have been resolved:

"Fatburger Detroit unfortunately had to close their store from May 9th to May 12th. They were dealing with some legal issues that have since been resolved and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused their customers. Since then, they have re-opened and look forward to their continued commitment to serve their Fatburger fans and thank them for their support."

There have been some strange legal battles in Midtown lately, so it's good to see some good news coming out of this situation.
· Court Order Forces Midtown FatBurger to Close [-ED-]