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6 Must Try Detroit Spring and Summer Beers

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Atwater Brewery.
Atwater Brewery.
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Beer is good year round. But while other season have their traditional brews- there's nothing quite like the light refreshing lagers, pilsners, and saisons of summer.
Local Detroit breweries are brewing, bottling, and kegging so many beers it's hard to keep up. Here's a list of summer brews to try:

Atwater Brewery: Hop-a-peel- Dried and ground orange peel make this American IPA deliver a citric bittering that sets it apart from the masses.

Motor City Brew Works: Summer Brew- An American style Wheat Beer with a deep orange color, clean smooth maltiness, and citrus hints. The thin layer of sediment, if bought by bottle, is the mark of the brewery's all natural brewing process.

Detroit Beer Co: Baseball Beer- A smooth pale ale, dry hopped with Cascade hops and the flavor finishes with just a touch of caramel.

Falling Down Beer Co: Rye My Donkey- A rye saison beginning with a rye spiciness with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co: Czech Pilsner- This Bohemian Pilsner is golden in color, and has a spicy hop aroma from Saaz hops.

Dragonmead Brewery: Armageddon Grand Cru- Grand Crus are traditionally known as "The best beer a brewery makes." This Belgian-style quad lives up to the name and then some. Brewed in May to celebrate the brewery's anniversary. It's a limited one, so get there fast!-By Courtney Ochab

Atwater Brewery

237 Jos Campau, , MI 48207 (313) 877-9205 Visit Website