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North End's Shipping Container Farmhouse; Detroit's 2nd Meijer; More!

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWN— The Woodward Garden Apartment building finally has residents moving in, but the big news comes from the storefronts downstairs. These three new tenants are headed to Midtown.

NORTH END— Thanks to GM, an urban farm will soon have an urban farmhouse. One of Detroit's first implementations of shipping container architecture will be in the form of an 'urban homestead' in the North End.

OLD REDFORD— Detroit's second Meijer store is ready to begin construction this month, rising on the former site of a historic high school. Will it mirror the construction shitshow of Meijer #1?
MIDTOWN— Shinola has officially announced its new 'sister store,' a smaller retailer called Willy's. The ETA and a glimpse at the interior and ahead.
HAMTRAMCK— Twenty-nine years ago, Hamtramck destroyed a magnificent theater to build a Wendy's restaurant. It recently closed, leaving Hamtramck wondering what's really deserves to take its place.