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Palmer Park Art Fair Serves Detroit Food and Booze; Eastern Market's New Food Truck

Qais Truck.
Qais Truck.
Photo: Facebook

PALMER PARK— The Palmer Park Art Fair returns this weekend, and in addition to art they're serving up martinis made with Two James and cider from Detroit's own apples (Motor City Brewery is behind this one). Food Lab has a heavy presence at the event, including Green Lotus, Sweet Cakes & Bakes, and Sweet Momma's. Rumor even has it that Jackson Five Star Catering is also involved. [-ED-]

EASTERN MARKET—They're welcoming some new vendors this week, including Detroit Institute of Bagels and Qais Truck, a food truck specializing in "modern Mediterranean" cuisine, made from local produce, with a farm-to-table philosophy. [Facebook]

DOWNTOWN— One Detroit Center will soon have a new tenant, an as-yet unnamed restaurant owned by Jeremy Sasson, of the Townhouse in Birmingham, and they hope the be open by fall. They'll be tearing out walls and working on a name, a menu, and a firm concept, but are envisioning "the big brother to Townhouse" according to Sasson. [DBusiness]

Detroit Institute of Bagels

1236 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201