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Slaughter Swoons for MamO, Rector Rates Large Portions at Tony V's, Abraham Enjoys Clawson Steak House

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Photo via Windsorite.ca/MamO Burger Bar

In the Metrotimes, Jane Slaughter dives into the MamO Burger Bar in Windsor, confessing "I love everything Ryan Odette does" and declaring his burgers "the most succulent, and tallest, you'll find." The Wakin' & Bacon has "thick, chewy strips of housemade bacon" with sweet bacon jam, cheddar and "two perfect eggs," on a crinkly bun, noting "there's no need for any human to consume that much protein in one meal, it's true, but the luscious flavors keep you plowing through." A Caesar salad has an "uninteresting dressing, pale romaine, a whole lot of bacon" and the chili was "unspicy and meh."

Sylvia Rector checks out the newly-opened Tony V's and finds an affordable restaurant in the former Alvin's live music club serving up portions that are "very large." A Michigan Salad "could easily feed two or even three people" and the Ultimate Nachos appetizer "is enough for a tableful of friends to share."
Over at the Detroit News, Molly Abraham heads over to the Clawson Steak House awarding it 3/4 stars for a menu which "in some respects (is) a throwback to the roadhouse era." The restaurant is "down-to-earth and affordable, and has a timeless quality". Abraham recommends watching out for "a terrific meatloaf that comes with mashed potatoes and old-fashioned brown gravy" on the lunch specials list.
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