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Explore the Ruined Silverdome; HopCat Starts Remod


MIDTOWN— HopCat, Detroit most anticipated bar ever, is finally showing signs of progress. Construction recently began at the Agave Building with the demolition of an exterior wall, which happens to be in the way of a future biergarten.
DOWNTOWN— The Z Lot continues filling its new storefronts with interesting downtown retailers. Next up: salad, yoga, and sneakers. The info on each one is at Curbed.
BELLE ISLE— Detroiters were already thrilled that the legendary Scott Fountain would be back online this summer. Now, it gets even better. Rather than a weekends-only schedule, the massive monument will be bubbling every day of the week. Here are the details.
PONTIAC— Thanks to a missing roof, the Silverdome is in terrible shape. We have 54 photos of the flooded, mossy interior. Take the tour on Curbed.